The Shamanic Website Assessment: A clear, step-by-step, spirit-driven action plan to bring your website into balance with the business that lives in your soul

Attention Soul-Centered Business Owners Who Want to:

  • Attract more clients and customers who resonate with what you do
  • Clearly communicate who you are—and what sets you apart
  • Project a professional image that invites others to spread the word about your work

You have a website because you already know that your online image is critical to the lifeblood of your business.

But most technical professionals just don’t get your needs as a spiritual, creative entrepreneur.

And while you know in your soul what you want to project, hardly anyone has the unique mix of technical and spiritual training to put that energy into a website that does what you need it to do.

It’s not that something is “wrong” with your site, it just might be out of balance.

When clients create their own sites, they are often listening to ideas from friends, pulling in tips from coaches, using site templates that are simple enough, and yet the result is often a mishmash that doesn’t bring pleasure to you, or inspire your clients.

Even the sites created by professional web designers may fall short, because they bring forth all the technical expertise they have, and yet the result lacks energetic flow or is so heavy on the marketing tools that the soul of you and your intentions for your clients is missing.

So how can a Shamanic Website Assessment Help?

In addition to drawing upon decades of experience in online platforms, branding and social media, I will utilize my training and knowledge of elemental wisdom to view your website through the lenses of

  • Earth: the physical structure of your site and the visitor experience
  • Fire: the “spirit” of your site and how it aligns with your business values
  • Water: the emotional impact of your site and how it speaks to ideal clients
  • Air: the mental and creative impact of your site as it pertains to who you want to reach


What will The Shamanic Website Assessment Provide for You?

In addition to describing the energy of your current site, you will receive actionable recommendations for changes that will bring your site into balance with your goals.  This is perfect for the DIY entrepreneur who maintains her own site, as well as the woman who delegates to someone else for marketing and site maintenance.


Let’s Get Started!

Click the button below to fill out the introductory survey that gives me the information I need to create an action plan for your site. After completion of the survey, you will be sent to Paypal to make your payment.

After I read your survey, I will conduct a personal ceremony to create sacred space for working on your Shamanic Assessment,. This will help me to be clear, present and receptive to guidance from Spirit.


Step into Your Shamanic Website Assessment


Do you know someone else who would benefit from a Shamanic Website Assessment? It might be a friend, a business peer or a client whom you are supporting in the growth of their business. Please pass this information along!